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Work @ TLN

At Telelatino we are dedicated to bringing the authentic cultures of Canada's Italian and Hispanic communities to our viewers. We recognize and build upon the ethnicity of these communities by integrating Italian, Spanish and English programming into our broadcast schedule.

Our ability to build a quality broadcast lies in the inherent skills and talents of our diverse workforce. We live in and work in these communities and we have dedicated our careers to enriching these communities with our experience.

Telelatino values people and their passion for their heritage and broadcast careers. We welcome you to enjoy the opportunity to work in your chosen career of broadcasting and contribute to your community at the same time. If you see a position that reflects your skills, experience and abilities, we encourage you to apply to hr@tlntv.com directly, quoting the position title and date posted.

For general interest employment opportunities, please forward your resume to workingtogether@tlntv.com and visit us regularly to be sure you don't miss future opportunities.

Employment Opportunities

Date Posted Position End Date
2/16/2017 Digital Media Producer 8/31/2017

Telelatino is an equal opportunity employer and promotes inclusivity within our workplace. We thank you for your interest in Telelatino we will contact you directly if you are selected for an interview. 

TLN is a major media partner of the  TD Salsa in Toronto Festival.  Send your resume to work@canadiansalsafestivalsproject.org for summer job opportunities to join the salsa team!


Date Posted Position End Date
2/16/2017 Internship Opportunities 12/31/2017

Telelatino Network provides various internship opportunities – interns, coop students and volunteer - throughout the year. Our program offers firsthand experience in selected areas of interest with exposure to other areas providing a well rounded experience within a broadcast operation.

A minimum commitment of a three month term, 24 to 40 hours per week, full days is required. Positions are available to students and anyone looking to enhance their career experience. To participate in this program, simply submit your resume and cover letter to volunteer@tlntv.com for consideration.  You will be contacted should you be selected.

Volunteers For Summer Events

Date Posted Position End Date
As a proud Salsa in Toronto Festival major media partner, TLN invites you to be part of the salsa team this summer. Send your resume to work@canadiansalsafestivalsproject.org to know more about the summer volunteer opportunities!

Are you interested in gaining new experiences and meeting new people? Then read on! TLN Telelatino is looking for volunteers to help with a series of events and activities every Summer. If you're interested in being part of a talented team, working in a TV environment and putting your skills to work, click here.


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