Telelatino Awards at York University

As one of its many “TLN Cares” community outreach initiatives, TLN partnered with York University in 2009 and has since then awarded an annual prize to York Undergraduate and Graduate students in recognition of exceptional work on the experiences of the Latin American dispora.
In its 4th decade of multicultural success, Telelatino is committed to nurturing, showcasing and connecting all Canadians to the country’s fastest growing foreign language community – Hispanic Canadians.* 
This initiative is just one of the many ways in which Telelatino’s community conscious activities are continuously aimed at uniting cultures.* CLICK HERE for more info.

First Prize Winner
Susana Veliz “Ecuador: A Country with Ongoing Allegiance to Colonial Customs and Traditions.”

Second Prize Winners
Thomas Stratan “Alex Véliz y la cuestión de la ‘doble identidad.”
Yuriko Matayoshi Franco “Ambivert Lucía: La niña que tenía miedo a ser diferente.”

Honorable Mention
Christine Gotera “Pupusas: A Salvadoran Tradition.”

Past Award Recipients

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