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TLN Nota Bene

Every day in cities and towns across Canada, people gather together to celebrate their culture, traditions and their community. TLN is committed to connecting to our diverse audiences and to supporting their events in a variety of ways – including on-air community segments Ciao! in Italian and Hola! in Spanish, on-line community listings  Appunti and Programate, and through partnerships with our vast community network of contacts.  TLN is an ongoing showcase of our commitment to unifying and encouraging engagement and development within the Italian and Hispanic Canadian communities that we have served for over 30 years.

TeleBimbi arriva su Bell Fibe – Il Regalo Perfetto per Natale)

13/02/15 | Ciao!, TLN Nota Bene | Comments
Un nuovo regalo a tutte le famiglie Italocanadesi da parte di TLN: arriva TeleBimbi, il nuovo canale per bambini tutto in lingua italiana.

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La Grande Musica Per Natale: Pavarotti e Bocelli )

13/02/15 | Ciao!, TLN Nota Bene | Comments
Trascorrete le le prossime Feste con TLN e due  grandi artisti: Luciano Pavarotti ed Andrea Bocelli!

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Natale In Famiglia )

13/02/15 | Ciao!, TLN Nota Bene | Comments
A Natale con TLN c’e’ piu’ gusto. Una ricetta inedita con…il Pandoro!

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