TLN television presents an exclusive 7-week tribute to Italians in North America, Sunday nights at 8 pm, starts January 7. 

The Italian Americans (4 part series)          Sun Jan. 7, 4, 21, 28 

Pier 21: A Life Torn in Two                           Sun Feb. 4 

The Italian Canadians                                   Sun  Feb. 11 

Not Paved with Gold                                     Sun Feb. 18

Italians in North America, Sundays at 8pm starting Jan 7th.

The Italian Americans (4 parts)
January 7th, 4th, 21st & 28th

This moving 4 part PBS series, written and produced by John Maggio and narrated by Academy-Award nominated actor Stanley Tucci, explores the evolution of Italian Americans from the nineteenth century to today, from “outsiders” once viewed with suspicion and mistrust to some of the most prominent leaders of business, politics and the arts today.

Pier 21: A Life Torn in Two
February 4th

“They came in search of a better life, a new beginning, a mother country for future generations.” Pier 21 gives an in-depth account of the Italian immigrant experience in Canada. Featuring moving interviews with Italian Canadians who lived the journey first hand, this full-length program explores the massive migration of Italians into Canada in the post-war period.

The Italian Canadians
February 11th

Following Pier 21, which gave an account of the Italian immigrant experience, The Italian Canadians is a historical examination of the influx of Italians into Canada’s major cities in the sixties. The program looks into the post-war prosperity of many Italian Canadians and the effect this has had on issues of cultural identity.

Not Paved with Gold
February 18th

A story about Italian-Canadian immigrants in the 1970s that distinguishes itself for its intimacy and humanity. The story opens up a world of memories and reflections that Vincenzo Pietropaolo took of his family, neighbourhood and community in Toronto’s Little Italy; his own immigrant experience. His life-long love affair with photography became an irreversible journey when as a young man, he began to photograph his fellow Italian-Canadians at work, at rest at worship and at play.


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