TLN TV Celebrates Thanksgiving with Lidia Bastianich

TLN TV Celebrates Thanksgiving With Lidia Bastianich

Catch a New Season of LIDIA’S KITCHEN on TV and
Presented by Saputo

Season Premiere, Sunday October 9th at 6P

TORONTO, ON – October 7, 2016 – TLN’s Emmy winning celebrity chef Lidia Bastianich cooks up a new season of Lidia’s Kitchen presented by Saputo.  Kicking off this Thanksgiving weekend on Sunday, October 9th, watch Lidia weeknights at 7:30P/ET and 11:30P, and enjoy back-to-back episodes on Sundays starting at 6P.

Join the Queen of Italian cuisine for new episodes of kitchen wisdom and common sense cooking as she whips up simple, seasonal, and economical dishes. Learn the perfect techniques to braise turkey, how to stuff crespelle or crepes with tomato and grated cheese, and of course, how to make pasta because in Lidia’s family it’s never “basta!”

Hungry for more Lidia? The premiere of the new season on TV will be complemented by her NEW MasterClass digital series on From making Pizza and Zeppole to Risotto and Gnocchi, these mouthwatering vignettes feature Lidia sharing her kitchen wisdom through masterclass tips and up close and personal interviews.

Lidia’s Kitchen on TLN TV
Weeknights at 7:30P and 11:30P
Sundays at 6P and 6:30P

Lidia’s MasterClass Digital Series on

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