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Lidia's Italy - Easter Bread (Pinza))

Lidia's Italy - Easter Bread (Pinza)

Most of the Christian Mediterranean cultures have some form of rich, festive egg breads that they prepare for the Holy Week before Easter. This is when pinza were made at our house.


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Lidia's Italy - Roast Turkey with Balsamic Glaze)

Lidia's Italy - Roast Turkey with Balsamic Glaze

serves: 12 servings, or more

A whole roast turkey is still something special on our table. And after years of Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts and birthday dinners I have perfected the two-stage, wet-then-dry turkey roasting procedure that I present here. It's unusual but it works. In fact, I roast all kinds of meats and poultry this way to produce marvelously moist and flavorful meat with a crispy, caramelized exterior-and a rich pan sauce at the same time.

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Lidia's Italy - Spaghetti with Asparagus Frittata )

Lidia's Italy - Spaghetti with Asparagus Frittata

Lidia's Italian spaghetti with asparagus frittata, is the perfect twist for a pasta lover!

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Lidia's Italy - Chicken Cacciatore)

Lidia's Italy - Chicken Cacciatore

The "caccia" in cacciatore means "hunt," so I guess this is chicken hunter's style. After preparation, the blend of flavours will make any mouth water.

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Lidia's Italy Live Italian Rum Cake - Zuppa Inglese)

Lidia's Italy Live Italian Rum Cake - Zuppa Inglese

This moist, creamy, and flavorful dessert, has its roots in the English trifle and it was thought that it first appeared during World War II. This dessert was a staple of every Italian American restaurant, and every Italian bakery made a version of it. 

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