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Gino’s journey takes him to the pearls of the Mediterranean - Sicily, and Sardinia - revealing the hidden secrets, past and present of Italy’s largest two islands.

Gino will be on an unfolding journey as he reveals the islands’ fascinating histories, hugely varied lifestyles, vibrant cultures and larger-than- life characters. All the while of course, he’ll be marveling at the spectacular scenery - from the heady heights of Sicily’s Mount Etna to the private beaches on Sardinia’s super-rich Emerald Coast.


EP 1 – The Amalfi coast

Chef Gino D’Acampo begins his Italian journey on the stunning Amalfi Coast. He visits the pretty town of Amalfi, a favourite holiday destination from his childhood, which is still popular with tourists today. Amalfi is world-famous for its lemons and Gino explores a secluded citrus grove, high on the cliffs above the town. Motivated by the breathtaking location, Gino whips up a creamy lemon mousse topped with crushed amaretti biscuits - using Amalfi’s unique fruit and the local citrus liqueur, limoncello

EP 2 - Naples

Chef Gino D’Acampo continues his Italian Escape in Naples – the area where he was born. Here, he examines the key foods and ingredients that have made the city famous, namely pizza and coffee. Gino investigates the Neapolitan food trend of fried pizza – and helps an award-winning chef make this surprisingly tasty street snack. Enthused by the mouth-watering food around him, Gino shows off a dish invented by his mother – chicken in breadcrumbs, topped with fresh mozzarella and surrounded by a pizza-style sauce. 

EP 3 – Bari

Italian chef Gino D’Acampo explores the intriguing region of Puglia – where centuries- old tradition meets modern-day Italy. The region is world-famous for its olive oil and Gino takes a close look at the gnarled olive trees, which have dominated the landscape for thousands of years. Gino’s culinary quest continues in Puglia’s capital – Bari – where he samples an innovative olive oil ice cream… however, he soon finds something even more fascinating. Tucked away in one of Bari’s medieval side streets, Gino discovers a group of local ladies, who spend their day skillfully and rapidly handcrafting orecchiette – or ‘little ears’ – pasta. 

EP 4 – Rome

Gino D’Acampo’s Italian Escape continues in the country’s capital. As a chef, Gino has always been inspired by Rome and its cuisine. His first stop is at one of the city’s finest delis, where he is on the hunt for succulent pancetta to make a traditional pasta carbonara. Armed with not only the deli’s pancetta but with the luscious cured meat ‘guanciale’, our chef decides to cook his pasta at a location ’s thrilled to call ‘the coolest place ever’ – in front of Rome’s iconic Colosseum. Keen to explore the outskirts of the city, Gino travels to Ariccia - a town that is passionate about porchetta (slow roasted, moist, boneless pork stuffed with seasoning and rosemary). 




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