David Rocco's Dolce India

Starts Oct. 1st 
Sundays  | 7:30pm
Tuesdays | 10:30pm

David returns to India to take the road less traveled, visiting lesser-known locales to uncover some of the country’s hidden gems. He introduces us to the Portuguese influence in Goa, the Chinese community in Kolkata and the holiest of Punjabi traditions in Amritsar, and samples plenty of culinary delights along the way.



EP 1 – Carnival in Goa

Like the Carnival festivals of Rio and Venice, Goa marks the days before Lent with an all-out celebration: three full days of eating, drinking, and partying. David takes part in all of the festivities, including an appearance on a goat in Panjim’s annual Carnival kick-o parade. He ends up spending time with some Italian expats and celebrating the holiday Venetian-style.

Featured Recipes: Sanguinaccio (Chocolate blood pudding), Chicken Cafreal, Goan Braciole (beef rolls)

EP 2 - Talkin' Toddy

Formerly a colony of Portugal, Goa still has a large Portuguese population, and nowhere is their influence more evident than in the local cuisine. Needless to say, David is on a mission to discover Goa’s unique blend of Portuguese and Indian cultures one dish at a time, including the oh so delectable Goan sausage. He also learns all about the Toddy Vinegar: made from coconut sap, it’s an important ingredient in Vindaloo and it gives many dishes their signature Goan touch.

Featured Recipes: Pork Vindaloo, Goan Meatballs, Beef Xacuti, Portuguese-style frittata with Goan Sausages.

EP 3 – Goan Fishing

Goa boasts over 130 km of coastline; so it’s no surprise Goans do plenty of fishing. David heads out on a crab fishing expedition with some local fisherman in a nearby river. A erwards, he meets up with an old friend, internationally renowned chef Cyrus Todiwala, who takes him to the local sh market to check out what’s on o er. Later, David gets a chance to explore Goa’s famous beach shack culture, and ventures into Calamari, a renowned seafood restaurant, to flex his culinary muscles.

Featured Recipes: Grilled sardines with Portuguese-style Marinade, Coconut Curry Crabs, Crabs in a Xacuti Sauce, Spaghetti Aglio e Olio with Dried Anchovies

EP 4 – Beach and Jungle

David heads deep into the rainforest of Goa to visit the Savoi Plantations. Managed and run by the Shetye family, this plantation is over 200 years old and covers an area of 100 acres. Here, they grow all manners of Indian fruits including coconut and mango, as well as almost every spice under the sun! David cooks, eats and spends time with the Shetye family to learn all about organic farming and what it truly means to live o the land.

Featured Recipes: Cashew Apple Salad, Batata Vada (potato fritters), Mango Chutney




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