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David embarks on the newest chapter of his Dolce Vita culinary adventures. This season takes him to Naples: one the world’s oldest inhabited cities, and a treasure trove for foodies and travel junkies alike. Famous for its music, museums and thriving arts, this Southern Italian city is also the birthplace of pizza and espresso as we know it. David uncovers hidden gems in the city and explores the surrounding scenic islands of Capri, Ischia, Procida and the beautiful Sorrento peninsula. Through David, we get to know the proud and passionate Neapolitans and experience the real Naples: gritty, colourful, vibrant and full of life.


EP 3 – Napoli Street Food

Napoli is a vibrant city packed with markets, restaurants, and street vendors. Which means, that Napoli has a street food scene that can’t be beat! Egidio, a local food blogger, shows David the ins and outs of food that you can eat anywhere. From the delicious and massive panini to the not so tasty pig's feet, he experiences everything from meatballs to octopus tea to classic dessert!

EP 4 – Town of Pozzuoli

Did you know it was possible to cook with the steam from a volcano? David returns to his roots and visits Pozzuoli, a small town just outside Naples where his father was born. There he meets Marianna Vitale, a Michelin Star chef who takes David on a cultural food tour including a visit to the Solfatara Volcano, an active crater, where they cook seafood to perfection in this unconventional way. David spends the rest of his trip catching octopus with the locals and then cooks it up for his relatives.

EP 7 – Procida Time

David travels just off the coast of Naples to the island of Procida, a place untouched by time, where he takes a walking tour from a local named Mr Time. On the Island, David does exactly what the locals do: takes a donkey ride to port and dives for sea urchins for his afternoon lunch. The next day is spent at sea with Maria and her sons. When they return, they cook up a seafood feast for that evening's dinner in the piazza.

EP 8 – Espresso Espresso

In Naples, coffee is a world unto itself, both culturally and socially. Dark, bittersweet shots of espresso drunk quickly and with purpose are part the Neapolitan’s daily routine. In this episode, David explores the Naples coffee culture and experiments with espresso in the kitchen, making everything pizza fritters, gnocchi with coffee and of course a coffee dessert.

EP 5 – Mozzarella Love

The town of Caserta, just outside Naples, is home to some of the best Buffalo Mozzarella in the world. David takes a tour of the dairy with Rosanna, whose passion for the soft, creamy cheese borders on the obsessive. After cooking up some gourmet cheese dishes, he heads back to Naples to try something completely different: Mozzarella sushi.

EP 6 – By the Seaside

David spends time with the Mattiucci Brothers who are known in Naples for their independent fishing operation. From trolling the Gulf of Naples for the freshest catch to serving up their famous crudo from the Mattiucci fish shop in Napoli’s trendiest neighbourhood, David learns the ins and outs of the business and the family that runs it.




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