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Join Lidia Bastianich for 
a new season of Lidia’s Kitchen as she conjures simple, seasonal, and economical dishes with grace, confidence, and love, showing viewers how to draw on their roots, allow for spontaneity, and cultivate a sense of home in the kitchen. Filled with tips and techniques collected through years both in the kitchen and at the family table, Lidia channels her passion for teaching into a fun and trustworthy curriculum of kitchen wisdom.

As Lidia says, “feeding ourselves, our friends, and our families is one of the most important things we do in our lives,” this series is a paean to the importance of mealtime.

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    There are few things better than a great piece of meat braised in Barolo wine.  When accompanied by some braised vegetables, you’ve got yourself a great meal.  In this episode, Lidia prepares a crispy golden Italian Style Quiche followed by a fork tender Beef Braised in Barolo.  Her side dish is a Braised Broccoli Rabe with garlic and extra virgin olive oil.  This is a meal any family will love.



    Everybody loves grilling, and everybody loves pizza.  Today Lidia puts the two together and prepares grilled pizza which anyone can do – rain or shine – as it’s done in her kitchen.  She makes a simple margherita style pizza and another version topped with prosciutto.  To start, her fresh and crunchy salad is made with cucumbers, string beans and potatoes.  For dessert, she prepares juicy Peaches and Blueberries Soaked in Prosecco.


    Today it’s all about the braise.  To start, Lidia makes a unique Salad of Radicchio and Oranges, a perfect blend of bitter and sweet.  She then makes a heartwarming Braised Chicken Thigh dish with Potatoes and Olives, a family favorite.  For another braise, she demonstrates a simple technique with cauliflower that brings out the nutty flavor of this underused vegetable.


    Lidia loves long cooking techniques and braising but often, one just wants to prepare quick and delicious meals using the same technique.  In this episode, she teaches the viewer to do just that.  Her first dish is a velvety Lettuce Soup in a Fontina Gratin; she then makes a juicy but super quick Pork Tenderloin with Balsamic Onions.  Lastly, she prepares String Beans with Rocky Mashed Potatoes made with garlic and olive oil.



    It doesn’t get any better in an Italian kitchen than when Lidia makes fish and vegetables.  In this episode, she prepares a nice and refreshing Pan Seared Shrimp with Arugula Pesto.  Her next dish is Butterflied Trout, fried in a pan with Bacon and Basil served with a Zucchini Dish made with Anchovies and Capers.


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