When In Florence


After the success of When in Rome, Kylie Flavell is back to share her local insider tips and secrets in another one of Italy's most beloved cities: Florence. 

Whether you want insider tips for your next vacation or just want to fantasize about feasting and flirting in this magical city, these vignettes will show you the people and places of Florence more intimately than ever before. Join Kylie on her adventures as she shows you where to feast and flirt in this magical city.


Episode 1:  The Joy of Gelato
Kylie's heads to her favorite gelateria in Florence, La Sorbettiera, hidden off in Oltrarno. She spends the day joking, eating and gossiping with the vivacious young owner Antonio Ciabbattoni, who proves that gelato truly does make everybody happy.

Episode 2: Head Over Heels
Kylie explores the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum, hidden underneath the store of the world famous shoe designer, and discovers why divas like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Greta Garbo fell in love with these elegant shoes.

Episode 3: To Market To Market
Once a month in Piazza Santo Spirito is a bustling vintage market. Kylie shops for one-of-a-kind pieces and picks up a panino with local Florentine salami finocchiona.

Episode 4: Home Sweet Home
Ever considered renting an apartment with a kitchen instead of staying in a hotel in Florence? Kylie shows you inside one of her favourite bed and breakfasts and where to shop for fresh produce to cook with.

Episode 5: The Perfect Panino
The best place to get a takeaway lunch? The famous Da Nerbone in the Mercato Central food market. Kylie gets behind the counter of this historic panino bar to talk traditional meat with the masters.

Episode 6: The Secret Garden
Few people know about the biggest private garden in Europe that lies right in the center of Florence. Kylie takes you inside the historic Giadino Torrigiani to meet aristocrat Marquis Vanni Torrigiani Malaspina who will take you on a private tour, including the famous neogothic tower frequented by the Illuminati.

Episode 7: Feasting and Flirting
For a traditional trattoria packed with raucous locals, rustic dishes and the best olive oil, Kylie squeezes into the restaurant Alla Vecchia Bettola. She chats with the owner, feasts on penne pasta with a local vodka sauce and has her table hijacked by two very flirtatious locals.

Episode 8: Wake Up and Smell the Caffe

Before heading out for a day of sightseeing, take Florence like a local and start your day with some people watching and a coffee at Caffe degli Artigiani. Kylie talks about why this is her favorite café for a morning espresso.

Episode 9:  The Artisan

Florence is famous for its craftsmen and when Kylie meets a violin maker in a café she can't resist his invitation to see his home and workshop. See why this is one of the last few cities where specialists have such inherent passion for their craft.

Episode 10: Food for La Famiglia

When seeking out honest Florentine food in a true family-run trattoria, Kylie heads to I Raddi, run by Chef Alfonso. Here she spends the day with the whole family talking about ragu' and why the Florentine bambini are the most open-minded eaters in the world.

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