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Over the years, TLN has renewed its commitment to producing exclusive Canadian made original programs highlighting the people, events and issues that matter most to Italian and Hispanic Canadians.

Yo Juego
Spanish Language    |    60 mins    |    2015

Yo Juego is a TLN Original Production presented by Univision Canada in collaboration with LuloFilms and their award winning Writer, Director and Producer, Colombian-born Canadian, Jaime Escallon Buraglia.  Through their personal stories and day-to-day preparation with trainers and families, this moving documentary showcases the excitement of the TO2015 Games through the eyes of Hispanic Canadians

Bailando: La Historia de la Música Latina en Canadá
Spanish Language  |  60 mins |  2014

Bailando: La Historia de la Musica Latina en Canadá
 explores the popularity of Latin Music in Canada. Through a series of in-depth interviews with top Latin music personalities, Bailando showcases how Latinos and Latinas are bringing personal experiences of immigration and cultural engagement to create a unique popular culture in Canada.

Bienvenidos A Lulaworld
Spanish Language  |  60 mins |  2014

Bienvenidos a LulaWorld is a TV musical extravaganza featuring an eclectic line up of musical artists that showcases the depth, variety and caliber of the Latin and world music scene in Canada. The LulaWorld Festival is a presentation of Toronto’s Lula Music and Arts Centre founded by Artistic Director Jose Ortega.

Hombres Invisibles
Spanish Language  |  60 mins |  2014

This moving documentary places the spotlight on one of Canada's most vulnerable communities: migrant workers. With the majority arriving from Mexico, Los Hombres Invisibles examines the challenges and personal journeys of Canada's “invisible men”. 

Nuestra Historia: Hispanos en Canadá
Spanish Language  |  60 mins |  2014

Nuestra Historia: Hispanos en Canadá
 is the story of the Hispanic community in Canada. Through a series of personal reflections, this documentary traces the history, the growth and the success of Canada's fastest growing ethnic community, providing a unique focus on each immigrant’s perspective and exploring their common connection to Canada. 

1943: Operazione Husky, Lo Sbarco Canadese in Sicilia
Italian Language  |  60 mins |  2014

An in-depth look at the vital contribution made by the 1st Canadian Infantry division during the Sicilian campaign in 1943. A Canadian national success story, Operation Husky highlights the importance of Canada’s victory in Sicily and its impact on the success of the Allied Forces efforts in the liberation of Europe.

Casa Dolce Casa 
Italian Language    |   60 mins  |  2012

Casa Dolce Casa
explores the impact Italian culture has had on home building and design in Canada. The documentary looks at the multiple influences that shape design concepts affecting how we build dwellings and live in them, including a perfect cold cellar (cantina) for homemade wine. 

English, Italian & Spanish Language   |  60 mins |  2012

A uniquely Canadian, multilingual approach to examining the passion that Canadians of Euro-Latin descent have brought to soccer in Canada. For many, soccer is not a game – it’s a religion, a universal language that unites nations and breaks down all cultural barriers! TLN’s new original documentary Fanaticos takes an in-depth look at this phenomenon. For many Latin American and Italian Canadian fans, soccer is ingrained into their culture. Join us as we take a peek into the lives and stories of local soccer ‘fanaticos’.

Le Storie Della Mia Vita
Italian Language    |    60 mins    |     2012

A follow up to the TLN original documentary Raccontami, this new documentary expands upon the scope of the original production with more characters, stories and insight into the unrelenting joys and challenges of the Italian immigrant experiences in Montreal.

Nostra Storia In Canada
Italian Language    |    6 x 30 mins    |    2012

In 1598, the first Italian explorer reached North America and the country now known as Canada. His name was Giovanni Caboto, or to the English, John Cabot. Little did he know, four hundred years later, Canada was to become home to almost 2 million people of Italian descent. From cuisine, to sports, arts, construction and culture, Italian Canadians have transformed their new home, this is La Nostra Storia.

Non Solo Buste e Bomboniere
Italian Language    |    60 mins   |  2012

Have you ever been to an Italian wedding in Canada? The seven-course meal, the 400 guests, the endless food and pomp! The documentary explores how Canadians of Italian descent meet the challenges and contradictions of maintaining family traditions. 

Italian Language    |    60 mins    |     2011

Raccontami (Tell me a story), a two-part TLN original documentary that places the spotlight on the Italian immigrant experience in Montreal. This exclusive documentary offers a unique look into the everyday lives of a handful of Montreal’s Italian immigrants as they reflect on their early experiences in Canada: their hopes and dreams upon arrival in their new home, and the struggles of establishing lives in a foreign land. 

Hogg's Hollow: A Tragedy Unveiled
English Language    |    60 mins    |    2009

A moving documentary that probes the historical details of the horrific tragedy that unified the Italian immigrant community. On St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 1960, five Italian men were trapped in a tunnel when fire swept through a main shaft that provided air and access to their work area. They were installing a water main beneath the Don River in Hogg's Hollow in North Toronto. Sadly, in the end, all five workers died. The event was a unifying force in the Italian immigrant community and had a great impact on standards to the construction.

March of Time
English Language    |    60 mins    |     2009

March of Time is a documentary about displacement, preservation and progress. Good Friday re-enactments are common in almost every town in Italy. When immigrants came to Canada they brought with them the Good Friday procession. March of Time explores how this phenomenon, the largest of its kind in North America, has become a modern ritual in Toronto.   

Not Paved With Gold
English Language    |    60 mins    |    2008

A story about Italian-Canadian immigrants in the 1970s that distinguishes itself for its intimacy and humanity. The story opens up a world of memories and reflections that Vincenzo Pietropaolo took of his family, neighbourhood and community in Toronto’s Little Italy; his own immigrant experience. His life-long love affair with photography became an irreversible journey when as a young man, he began to photograph his fellow Italian-Canadians at work, at rest at worship and at play.

Italian Gardens
English Language    |    90 mins    |    2006

Italian Gardens
is a moving documentary that explores the importance of the family garden to immigrants establishing new roots in a new land. Here are stories of men and women who, with no real political or social representation in their adopted society, give expression to their identity through the spaces upon which they can exercise control, their gardens.

Calabria: La Terra Magica
English Language    |    90 mins    |    2005

Deemed a “paradise on earth”, this documentary showcases Calabria, one of the most beautiful regions in Italy, a region where mountains and sea come together. Discover Calabria through the eyes of the people, who believe this untouched treasure is their blood, their sun their lifeline.

Gusto: Italian By Design
English Language   |    2005    |    6 x 30 mins

A celebration of style, Gusto uncovers the great appeal of the Italian aesthetic by exploring the worlds of fashion, furniture design, fine food and wines. This six-part series reveals Italian style and its impact on global pop culture. 

Cuba: Portraits
Spanish Language    |    60 mins    |    2005

A colourful TLN original documentary that highlights the sights and sounds of the beautiful island of Cuba and explores the Habano (Cigar) culture. Cigars arrived in Cuba over 300 years ago. Now they move the economy and define the identity of this Caribbean island. From the tobacco fields to the Santeras. From Canadian night at the Cuban Cigar Festival to the hospitality of the people. Los habanos son cubanos.

Hispanic Gardens
English Language    |    60 mins    |    2003

Discover the voice of Spanish-speaking Canadians through personal stories and their attitudes toward Canadian society. While chronicling the changing dynamics of Latin identity, this documentary illustrates the impact the Hispanic community has had on Canadian life.

Little Italys
English Language    |    6 x 30 mins    |     

Our continent has a love affair with all things Italian. Little Italys explores theme-park neighbourhoods and events in Calgary, Boston, Seattle, Montreal, Kelowna and Honolulu that are at the heart of Italian immigrant communities.

That's Amore: Inside the Italian Wedding
English Language    |    6 x 30 mins    |     2003

Who doesn't want to go to an Italian wedding? That's Amore is a six-part. series that takes you behind the scenes of these extravaganzas. Witness the hard work, attention to detail and personal trauma that goes into planning  " the happiest day of your life!"   

Italian Canadians
English Language    |    90 mins     |    2001

Following Pier 21, which gave an account of the Italian immigrant experience, The Italian Canadians is a historical examination of the influx of Italians into Canada’s major cities in the sixties. The program looks into the post-war prosperity of many Italian Canadians and the effect this has had on issues of cultural identity.

English Language    |    13 x 30 mins    |     2001

Persona, a series of intimate interviews with prominent Italian Canadians featured fashion designer Sal Parasuco, actor Nick Mancuso, Supreme Court judge Frank Iacobucci, comedian Tony Rosato, novelist Nino Ricci and journalist Anna Maria Tremonti.

Slick: Italian Men on Screen
English Language    |    90 mins    |    2001

“Slick: Italian Men on Screen” is a documentary that takes the viewer behind the myth of the Italian man. From the big screen to the street corner, whether mobster or Romeo, the Italian male has always held a unique place in North American popular culture. Slick looks at the various elements that make up the Italian man in North American media. Through interviews and clips, Slick examines just how the stereotype of the Italian man came to be and where they fit in today’s multicultural Canada.


Pier 21
English Language    |    90 mins    |     2000

“They came in search of a better life, a new beginning, a mother country for future generations.” Pier 21 gives an in-depth account of the Italian immigrant experience to Canada. Featuring moving interviews with Italian Canadians who lived the journey first hand, this full-length program explores the massive migration of Italians into Canada in the post-war period.


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