Yo Juego
Spanish Language    |    60 mins    |    2015

Yo Juego is a TLN Original Production presented by Univision Canada in collaboration with LuloFilms and their award winning Writer, Director and Producer, Colombian-born Canadian, Jaime Escallon Buraglia.  Through their personal stories and day-to-day preparation with trainers and families, this moving documentary showcases the excitement of the TO2015 Games through the eyes of Hispanic Canadians

Bienvenidos A Lulaworld
Spanish Language    |    60 mins    |    2014

Bienvenidos a LulaWorld is a TV musical extravaganza featuring an eclectic line up of musical artists that showcases the depth, variety and caliber of the Latin and world music scene in Canada. The LulaWorld Festival is a presentation of Toronto’s Lula Music and Arts Centre founded by Artistic Director Jose Ortega.

Bailando: La Historia de la Música Latina en Canadá
Spanish Language    |    60 mins    |    2014

Bailando: La Historia de la Música Latina en Canadá explores the popularity of Latin Music in Canada. Through a series of in-depth interviews with top- Latin music personalities, Bailando showcases how Latinos and Latinas are bringing personal experiences of immigration and cultural engagement to create a unique popular culture in Canada.

Nuestra Historia: Hispanos en Canadá
Spanish Language    |    60 mins    |    2014

Nuestra Historia: Hispanos en Canadá is the story of the Hispanic community in Canada. Through a series of personal reflections, this documentary traces the history, the growth and the success of Canada's fastest growing ethnic community, providing a unique focus on each immigrant’s perspective and exploring their common connection to Canada.

Hombres Invisibles
Spanish Language    |    60 mins    |    2014

This moving documentary places the spotlight on one of Canada's most vulnerable communities: migrant workers. With the majority arriving from Mexico, Los Hombres Invisibles examines the challenges and personal journeys of Canada's “invisible men”.

English & Spanish Language    |    60 mins    |    2012

A uniquely Canadian, multilingual approach to examining the passion that Canadians of Euro-Latin descent have brought to soccer in Canada. For many, soccer is not a game – it’s a religion, a universal language that unites nations and breaks down all cultural barriers! TLN’s new original documentary Fanaticos takes an in-depth look at this phenomenon. For many Latin American and Italian Canadian fans, soccer is ingrained into their culture. Join us as we take a peek into the lives and stories of local soccer ‘fanaticos’. 

Cuba: Portraits
Spanish Language    |    60 mins    |    2005

A colourful TLN original documentary that highlights the sights and sounds of the beautiful island of Cuba and explores the Habano (Cigar) culture. Cigars arrived in Cuba over 300 years ago. Now they move the economy and define the identity of this Caribbean island. From the tobacco fields to the Santeras. From Canadian night at the Cuban Cigar Festival to the hospitality of the people. Los habanos son cubanos.


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