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Telelatino Network Inc. (Telelatino), Canada’s leading multicultural media company and home of TLN Television and the Spanish-language Univision Canada channel, has secured TD Bank Group (TD) as the title sponsor of its Welcome to Canada Literacy Program

Honouring Canada’s 150th milestone birthday, the TD Welcome to Canada program will make 1500 books available to young newcomers, particularly those of Hispanic descent. Books will be distributed to selected schools, community centres, and libraries across the country to help foster an understanding of our home and native land, including language, Canadian geography, history and multiculturalism.

The program reflects Telelatino’s commitment to sharing and showcasing the vibrant Latino culture and to connecting Spanish-speaking Canadians with the passions that make their culture unique – from food to music, drama to sport.

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Salsa at Blue Mountain

The TD Welcome to Canada program joins Salsa at Blue Mountain with a special story time for young children at the TD Welcome to Canada Children’s area.

TD Salsa on St. Clair

The TD Welcome to Canada program joined the “TD Salsa on St. Clair” free weekend event, part of the TD Salsa in Toronto Festival for a special two day celebration. Young children will be able to enjoy some reading time and celebrate the multiculturalism that makes Canada so great at Canada’s Biggest Latino themed dance, music and culture festival.

TD Summer Reading Club

The TD Welcome to Canada program will continue to help inspire reading all summer long as it integrates with the TD Summer Reading Club. Select public libraries with a high concentration of Hispanics will receive books to help foster an understanding of Canada, including language, geography, history and multiculturalism. Young children of Hispanic background will be able to discover even more about their new country and have fun reading at participating local public libraries.






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